Absence & Holidays


It is very important that your child attends school so that their progress in learning can be achieved. It is our school policy that if your child is unable to attend school, parents or carers should:

  • Contact School immediately
  • Indicate the nature of the illness
  • Request help if needed
  • When your child returns, please include a note explaining the absence.

Late Arrivals

Children can enter their classrooms at 8.40am for early morning activities. The register is take at exactly 8.55am and closes at 9.05am. Any children arriving after 9.05am will receive a late mark in the registers.

Late Pick Up

If you are going to be late picking up your children please try your best to let us know in advance. If children are not picked up by 3.30pm office staff will call parents, then emergency contacts. If we cannot make contact with one of your named contacts after an hour we consider further steps such as contacting emergency services and external agencies to request a home/personal welfare check.


If the school becomes concerned about a child’s attendance we can support families and children in a variety of ways including working with the local Education Welfare Officer.


You can read the official guidance for schools here:

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