Safeguarding & E-Safety

OFSTED said that children at our school felt very safe; OSFTED graded this element of our work as ‘outstanding’ and this is something we have worked very hard to achieve.

A copy of the Government’s ‘Keeping Children Safe In Education’ document can be viewed via the links below:

Child Protection

Our staff are well trained in the principles of Child Protection and every member of our teaching staff has a workplace first aid qualification. The safety and protection of children lies at the very heart of our work.

If you are concerned about your child, in any way, we encourage you to come into school and discuss your worries with us – a problem shared is often a problem halved. In addition, we can invariably offer some form of help; we actually employ a fully trained school counselor who can work with individuals or families to ensure positive outcomes.

If we have a concern about a child, in most circumstances, we will make first contact with their parents. However, on occasions, we may feel compelled to make contact with agencies such as Social Services, Emergency Services and Police Child Protection teams.

It must be noted however that this policy is not an attempt by the school to hide information from parents or carers, but simply in line with Essex Local Education Authority.

“The school’s sharp emphasis on promoting the pupils’ well-being is shown by the way they feel exceptionally safe in school.”

We believe that the education of children is a partnership between home and school. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the education of their children and kept informed about life at school and it’s activities through our weekly school newsletter and termly curriculum newsletters.

Regular parent consultation meetings are held throughout the school year, to monitor progress and sustain good home school links. These meetings give teachers and parents the opportunity to discuss your child’s learning progress and identify targets for future learning.

Parent consultation meetings will also give you the opportunity to discuss any concerns, worries or problems you may have about school life.


School safety is one our main priorities. The main gates remain secure throughout the school day and the school is secured by a key-pad entry system. Should you have any concerns regarding school safety please do not hesitate to contact the main reception as we take very seriously our commitment to providing a safe school environment.

Recent capital projects to secure our school site include the completion of perimeter security fencing and pedestrian rails protecting exposed footpaths.


E-Safety for Pupils
Think-u-Know (CEOP)
E-Safety for Parents
App/website reviews for parents
“The 2 Johns” E-Safety Training
Report Abuse Link

Safer Internet Day 2019 – Parenting In A Digital World – A guide from the makers of Purple Mash

For the children of Holy Trinity, we have an e-safety mascot called Tabecat. Tabecat looks over all the children’s Computing work, providing opportunities to extend their subject knowledge safely. You can see Tabecat’s pages by clicking on the Tabecat link at the top of the page.

Tabecat’s design & name was inspired by the children themselves.

Illness in school time

Children can become ill during school hours – in most cases we will try to contact parents, then emergency contacts. In serious cases and incidents where we feel children could require immediate medical attention we contact emergency services. Details regarding medicines in school are outlined in our ‘Medical Care and Medicines’ Policy.


Thousands of school days are lost and millions of pounds are spent due to headlice. Headlice are a fact of school life but we can minimize the disruption they cause by monitoring children’s hair and, if they have lice, treating them. For further information please see

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