The pupils of Holy Trinity get involved in the community in a number of ways…

They raise money for a variety of causes:

And here, in their own words, is what they do when they’re not at school:

Every Saturday I go fishing with my dad and we catch big fish but after we go home on the way to the car we feed the ducks and they chase after us – it’s funny. When we get home I have my lunch and then we go to the park and walk my dog. Then when we get back I help my dad do the house work and then I have half a hour on my computer on Sims 4.

I play football for Halstead Town FC because I love the game. On Thursday and Saturday I have training, and a match on Sunday. It’s good for me because it’s sport.

I help the community by taking out the bins, and and putting them in the right colour bin, so it makes it easy for the the bin men to pick up and also keeps Halstead tidy. I also go dance class because some of the money I give to dance goes to charity, and I just love dancing.

I work for the Suffolk National Trust on once a fortnight, I like doing National Trust work because it keeps me fit and they make delicious cakes. You get a National Trust card when you do 50 hours.

I do drama on Mondays, sometimes Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The reason I do drama is because I find it very enjoyable and I get to meet new people. I really enjoy the dancing part because I like learning different dances for different shows. The things that we do at drama are Acting, Dancing and Singing. At the moment I am doing The Wizard Of Oz. I have been doing it since 2013. My first show was Beauty and the Beast and I was the talking clock. My second show was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream-coat and I was just a singer and a dancer. My third show that I done was Mama Mia, and again I was just a singer and a dancer.

My fourth play was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and I chose to be Snow White. My Fifth play was Peter Pan and I played Tinkerbell. My sixth show was Summer Holiday which again, I was a dancer and singer. And my seventh performance, The Wizard Of Oz, the one I am doing now, I chose to be the King Munchkin.

On a Saturday and Sunday I play football because I like playing with my friends and scoring goals. On a Saturday I have training and on a Sunday I have a match. I also do two football clubs after school as well. I really want to get in to the school team, so I have to train as hard as I can. I think I might get in.

Dance is really fun because sometimes we play dancing games but its not like we play football, nothing like that.We play tag while  dancing and it is really fun . We do really GOOD because you know what they say: “Practice makes perfect!” and we all get bdages and a medal for doing really well. After our dance teacher said that we should have a party after the show and the party is just for are dance group.

Outside of school I go to Stage Coach. At Stage Coach you do dance. In dancing our teacher teaches you to do types of dances like modern or olden day dancing. I do singing. At singing you firstly tell the teacher some news, then you do some warm ups with your voice, then we get given a sheet of words of a song and we sing it. And I do drama. Drama is were you basically play fun games all the time but its drama games for example: We play this bus game and we set out chairs in a bus way then we choose someone to be a bus driver but the bus driver picks an emotion then a person gets on the bus and picks a different emotion then everyone on the bus changes to that emotion.

I do it on a Saturday. Sometimes we do shows and they are really good. After two lessons we have break then we do the last lesson.

I do scootering and football because I am good at both things. It is fun, we do it all at the park.

I swim for my local swimming club Halstead (HASC). I joined Halstead swimming club because I was getting near the end of the colour hats, I have swum for Halstead for almost two years now and I have come quite far since I started. I have swum 1.5 kilometres for charity and I received a medal at the end, I did it in 30:31 minutes, I got a medal for competing in our clubs championships and another-one for coming 4th in boys 50 meters backstroke. My best achievement was winning swimmer of the month.

I play football every Saturday and Sunday. I do it because it is fun.  I sweat a bit at half-time but at full-time I sweat like mad. I am a striker but I used to be a defender then I went to midfield then I tried striker and my manager said you are a clear striker that is your position now on. I go to an academy every Monday.

Outside of school I do football 2 times a week for the local football team Halstead Town F.C. I do it because I enjoy playing with my friends because we play so well together – we came 1st in our mini league. Ever since my dad became the manager we have played very well. He has passed his Level 1 coaching course and is looking to do Level 2. The training  sessions are very good because most of the activities are made into games (e.g waves). Waves is a very good game were you have two goals and two teams of three one side and one team of three three behind the other goal one team nominates one player to be a defender one the team of three try to take on the defender and score if they do they get 2 points for there team, but if the defender gets the ball they have to counter attack and if they score they get 5 points for their team. Whoever gets the mot points comes up with an exercise for the other teams. It also makes me very fit.

Stage Coach is really fun where you do dance, drama and singing. At the moment I am doing a dance to a song. In singing we have a new teacher doing it and we get a folder of what songs we do. In drama we play games and do acting on stage. We have to sing, act and dance in front of lots and lots of people. It is on Saturday and I really enjoy doing it.

Outside of school I do boxing once a weak. I have learnt how to punch and kick. We are put on a timer, 1 activity every 2 min for 30 min. Sometimes the teacher comes to our house, some times we go to his house.

I do football on Mondays, Thursdays and sometimes weekends. I like football because it’s a fun and a good sport and its good for exercise. I do matches and penalties and I go out to Ramsey and play them. It’s fun and we get to play a match soon. We normally get to have some practice first if we get in the team. I like football because I get to meet new people and make new friends.

I do football on a Monday, Saturday and Sunday because I meet new friends. I have done football for 4 years. We have only lost 16 matches and won 59 matches. Our rivals are Eight Ash Green. We won 2 matches against them and lost 6 matches. I’ve scored 10 goals but our top goal scorer is on 56 goals. I’ve assisted 82 goals so that makes me the top assister.

I go to Halstead swimming club on a Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. I enjoy it because I get to meet lots of new people and I’ve made lots of new friends. I love representing our town and county at open meets, season sprints and galas because it’s exciting and you get to race against people that you don’t know, but also against people you do know and are your friends. It also keeps you fit and healthy. One of the reasons swimming club is fun is because you get to use floats and flippers which make swimming faster and a bit easier. I’ve been swimming for 6 months now and they hold trials to find new people every 3 months. You get taught how to do proper starts, dives off the blocks and tumble turns which are when you do a somersault at each and and then push off into your stroke.

Outside of school I do athletics. At athletics I do sprints and long jump, but I’m also thinking of doing javelin and long distance but i’m not sure. I go to athletics because I really enjoy running and sports, it’s amazing. I go on a Tuesday and sometimes a Thursday. On Tuesday it’s six till seven for long jump and seven till eight for sprints. The athletic club I go to is Braintree Athletics Club. I have been doing athletics since I was ten which isn’t a very long time as I only knew about it a few months ago. After you’ve been for more than three lessons you get a vest to wear all the other times you go, and also after a longer period of time you get a new water bottle and a certificate that congratulates you that you’ve became an athlete. I absolutely love athletics. One of my favourite things are my spikes. I got given my spikes kindly by Mr Wiskin seeing as he knew and he had a spare pair. I love my spikes because they make you very fast and I just love them. When you go you will first have an induction which is a lesson full of training and things like that. For athletics you will need suitable clothing, you will have to remember your membership and three pounds to get in.

I take the dogs for a walk to the park with a friend or a family member.

Every Thursday at Halstead Resource Centre I do Bharatanatyam Indian dancing with my next door neighbour. Bharatanatyam is the traditional Indian dancing that was performed to the Indian gods and goddesses. I have been going since I was seven and now I’m ten. I have completed grade one and I got a distinction and my scores were seventy-four and seventy-five! I have done three shows with my group and I am improving every week. My favourite thing about Indian dancing is the dressing up, we get to wear fancy jewellery and bangles on your feet.

My parents and I joined Gosfield Tennis Club for ten pounds a year. There is a clubhouse there and four tennis courts and you can go whenever you want to. My dad and I usually go after school because that is the day that he is at home and I go with my mum at the weekend. You can also take lessons because someone comes in every week to teach but you have to pay for that as well.  

Every Thursday I do Guides at the hall behind St. Andrew’s church. Guides is a club that starts at about 6:00pm (ends at 8:00pm) and we earn badges. To earn the badges we need to do the thing that is required like if it was a baking badge you would need to bake, and if it was a sweet badge then you would need to do things based on sweets and so on. Guides also do things to help the town like litter picking etc.

Some times I help my mum do loads of jobs, like tidy my room and help her clean up her room as well. I go to the shop for her as well when she needs something and I do my homework with her as well. Then I do the washing up for her.

I do swimming lessons, play in my garden with my brother and my dog, play out the front on my bike, walk my dog with my mum, go swimming with my Nan, and ride my bike at the park with my friends. I also ride my bike down the river walk – my Nan walks down it.

I do swimming lessons every Friday. Sometimes I am allowed to play Lego Star Wars on the PS3. I like to watch Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 and play with my Star Wars toys. My friend comes around to play every Monday.

I go to Cubs every Monday, I have only been 3 or 4 weeks but I have made a best friend. I hope when I move to Scouts I will be able to help people there and around town and other places.

I play at the park and walk my dog down the street. In the afternoon I play outside in the garden. I like to play on the computer and on my Xbox 360.

I play for Halstead Town FC. It is fun. I have scored three goals. I started playing for Halstead when I was in the Under 7′. Now I’m in the Under 11s we do offsides. I go to training every Saturday and have matches every Sunday at Ramsey or, for away games, in Colchester, Clacton etc.

I do Halstead Swimming Club MondayTuesdayThursdayFriday and Sunday. The benefits of swimming for a competitive club is you get to go to lots of pools, including The Olympic Pool in London. We get to meet famous swimmers such as Adam Peaty and much more. I do this for fun,

 I am writing to tell you my job for the community. As my job I go gardening club. Gardening club is good for the community because you can help plant seeds that will grow to be harvested, or harvest plants that have grown from their own seeds. It is a fun job that will end up in beautiful plants that make it all worth while.
     My thought on church is that everyone should go, it’s great for adults and children.Adults sing hymns and read prayers, while the children read stories and do activities in another room.At the end everyone joins up for tea and biscuits.Sometimes there are special activities for adults and children.There is a family service every month where adults and children sit together and there are stories and fun things like games.
     I do my bit for the environment by reading. That may not sound like it helps the environment but when I’m reading I’m not on my iPad or watching television, which are two things that use electricity. 

I go swimming because I want to improve my technique so I don’t drown. I also help my Mum with the cooking so when I am older I can cook. I also do karate!

I do motocross with my Dad on Sunday with my KTM. My dad has a Yamaha. I do it because it is fun because I can race my dad if he wants a race – unless he is scared of me winning all the time.

I always go to the Diabetes Olympics every two years. I also go swimming at the leisure centre and I am starting parkour.

I go swimming, sometimes after school, mainly on Fridays. I really like swimming because at 2 you get to go on the air floaters. Swimming is healthy and it makes you get really fit and makes you get strong. If you are over 13 then I think that you get a swimming card that means you get to swim in the pool when ever you like for free. There is a big pool and a small pool. You can jump in put you can’t bomb. When you have been in the big pool then go into the small pool the small pool is hotter than the small pool.

I go biking with my dad every weekend to get fit. I play on my XBox One and play with my friends on it too. Sometimes I go to the park with my mum and my dog and I bring my scooter and go down the ramps and play with my friends.

On Thursdays after school I do swimming lessons because I like swimming and it keeps me fit. And sometimes after we go free swimming where you can swim wherever you like in the pool. I find the swimming healthy.

When I leave school on a Thursday I go and play football. I like going because I want to be a footballer and I get more friends. Sometimes I do archery at home. I have an archery board and some times I go bike riding with my sister. I go to the park sometimes with my sister and my brother.

I go to my Nan’s house and I take her dog for a walk when he was smaller he always tugged but now when I take him out he is much better. I do it so it does not bother her hip and back. When I’m at my nan’s I give the dog some dog biscuits and the cat some cat food for their lunches.

I walk my dogs with my Mum at the public gardens and most people say hi or hello.

I do dancing for Vikki V’s theatre productions with lots of my friends. I really enjoy it because I love doing different dances for different shows and I like it that for pantos we get to pick what we want to be. If it is not panto we are a dancer and a singer and the adults are the main people. I have been doing this theatre group for 2 years now my first ever show was Mamma Mia and I really liked the fantasy in it and there were very fast dance moves.

My second show was peter pan which i played the part of Tinkerbell and a Lost Boy. When I was Tinkerbell I had to sing a song on my own on stage with everyone watching me. If someone else was Tinkerbell I would be a Lost Boy and we would always be by Peter Pan’s side. The show we have just finished was Summer Holiday which had a lot of dance moves in it that I really enjoyed. I would very much like to do that show again. Finally me and my Nan are doing our last performance which is the Wizard of Oz. I am going to really enjoy it because I have got a main part again and I like singing songs on my own. I am Dorothy so I have to sing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’.

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