Including Everyone

Our primary concern as a school is the welfare and education of the children in our care. At Holy Trinity Primary School we do far more than just educate a child academically; we take great care to guide and model the future of the ‘whole child’. Every decision we make is guided by the interests and needs of our children.

You can read out Pupil Premium Statement here.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

At Holy Trinity Primary School our aim is to give every child a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. Sometimes children do encounter difficulties and challenges at school and our Special Educational Needs provisions and policy at Holy Trinity Primary School are designed to help children through these periods in their life. Our class teachers will sustain a good level of communication with parents and carers and discuss child’s particular needs on a regular basis.


On occasions it may be necessary for our staff to call upon further support from Essex Local Education Authority.

The LEA have access to a range of specialists including expertise in the following areas:

Speech and Language Therapy

Educational Psychology

Behavioural Support

Physical Impairment

It is our aim to ensure that Holy Trinity Primary School is a fully inclusive school where all children, whatever their needs and talents, feel included.


Special Educational Needs or SEN

What can I expect?

Our class teachers will review children’s progress with parents on a regular basis. As a school we operate an ‘open door’ policy where, whenever possible, your concerns can be addressed immediately. At Holy Trinity Miss Sam Passfield is our SEN Coordinator or SENCO and contact with her is best arranged through class teachers.

Children with Special Educational Needs will be supported in a variety of ways within school depending on their level and specific type of need – at Holy Trinity we endeavour to support your child in the best possible way to suit them.

1- Children may be supported in class by the teacher and teaching assistant. These children will feature on a class provision map to ensure that their specific needs are being met.

2- Children may have a One Plan, which is reviewed termly and has a wealth of information about how the individual child learns best. One Plans are shared termly with parents.

3- Children may have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP.) An EHCP is for children who need further support and is a legally binding document which sets out their needs and the provision they require.


Our staff are dedicated to providing a sympathetic and nurturing environment for all children in an inclusive manner. As an inclusive school we firmly believe that all our children can make a full and positive contribution to school life.

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