Making A Positive Contribution

Peer Mentors

Our Year 6 children apply, in writing to become a Peer Supporter, the applicants are then interviewed and the selected pupils receive two days of training from ChildLine in Peer Support and Mentoring. Mrs Nikki Kenny is a qualified Peer Mentor Trainer and spends time supporting and mentoring our team of Peer Mentors.

The Peer Mentors help by:
• Listening to other children who come to them with a problem;
• Looking out around the school for anyone who looks lonely or worried;
• Talking to children who have fallen out with a friend or group of friends.

Play Leaders

Play Leaders work on the Playground at break and lunchtimes. Their role is to:

• Organise and supervise games and play equipment for pupils;
• Settle minor disputes on the playground that arise from games;
• Learn how to referee and supervise different sports and games;
• Identify new games and equipment that children would enjoy.

Like the Peer Mentors our Play Leaders go through a tough application and training process before they are made Play Leaders.

High Expectations

As a school we have very high expectations of our Peer Mentors and Play Leaders – this is why the selection process is very rigorous. We demand the highest standard of behaviour at all times because every peer mentor and play leader must be a good role model for the rest of the school.

Our Peer Mentors and Play Leaders are highly skilled young people and we hope that the skills they have learned at Holy Trinity will serve them well in the future as good citizens.


SMSC is a vital part of education at Holy Trinity Primary School.

Our core purpose as a school is to prepare pupils for life in modern Britain by teaching fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths, beliefs and views.

At Holy Trinity we passionately believe that children should have the opportunity to be decision makers, leaders and make a positive contribution to our school community. There are many ways in which we promote these values and principles:

  • Play Leaders
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Representation in Team Sports
  • School Performances and Musicals
  • A wide range of after school activities
  • Pupil Monitoring
  • Charity Work (Children In Need, Foodbank etc.)

Pupil Voice

We do not currently have a formal School Council, but pupils are encouraged to contribute ideas and feedback to our Pupil Voice website page.



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