The Wider Curriculum

Sex Education

The governing body of Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School agreed on 14th May 2003 that the school should continue to provide sex education for its pupils.

Throughout the school children will learn about relationships, families and basic health awareness, but in the later stages of Key Stage Two it becomes very important for children to learn some of the more formal aspects of Sexual Health Education.

In Year 6 children take part in a major programme of Sexual Health Education. Parents will be notified before this programme begins.

Details of the programme can be found in the approved School Sex Education Policy. Prior to the implementation of the sessions parents have the opportunity to view plans for the programme.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from all or part of the sex education programme, but not from the National Curriculum elements of study.

Religious Education

We are a Church of England School and proud of our status. RE is not within the National Curriculum, but is a compulsory subject. We follow the Essex agreed ‘RE Matters for Every Child’ RE Syllabus – this is broadly Christian in content, but does visit aspects of other major world religions. This document is available on our website.

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