This is a range of software and hardware used by staff and children and Holy Trinity:

Google-AppsGoogle Apps for Education (GAfE): Office, Staff and Pupils all use GAfE at Holy Trinity. Each child has their own secure Google Account which gives them access to a wide range of Google tools such as GMail, Docs, Drive etc. Pupil accounts are secure & monitored, and e-mails can only be sent & received between other school accounts.

google-chromeGoogle Chrome: One browser for your computer, phone and tablet. By logging into Chrome on desktop and mobile devices all bookmarks, passwords etc. can be synced. We do not use Edge or Internet Explorer.  (Windows/Mac/Android)

google-docs-iconsGoogle Docs: We use Google Docs for all word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, web sites, flow diagrams, surveys etc. It’s all web based and all free. (All platforms – requires a Google account.)

google driveGoogle Drive: Staff & pupils use Google Drive to store files of all kinds. Integrated with Google Docs, all files created via Google are stored within Drive, but it can be used for storing other files, photos etc. (All platforms – requires a Google account.)


Windows 10: All pupil & staff laptops using Windows have been upgraded to Windows 10.

chromebook-logo Chrome OS: We use Chromebooks running Google’s own operating system. These lightweight devices are ideal for home use too.


paint.net: A free but powerful paint package created by Microsoft software engineers. (Windows.)


Irfanview: Very fast, small, compact and innovative FREEWARE (for non-commercial use) graphic viewer & more. The single piece of software that I miss most on Mac. (Windows)

Audacity_Logo_With_Name Audacity: A free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds. We have used this software to create podcasts, edit songs for performances, create quiz questions and record performances. (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Softmaker Free Office: Although we use Google Docs most of the time, sometimes you need to edit files offline. For that we use FreeOffice.

We will add Android & iOS Apps soon.

We also use a range of web-based software which the children access via www.tabecat.com on this site.

Mr. Handy – Computing Teacher & Subject Leader

All links have been checked when created but Holy Trinity is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites. If you find a broken link or think a link should be removed please contact the website via web@holytrinityhalstead.com

The above software is used  and enjoyed within school and by staff personally. This page highlights its availability because we find it useful. Holy Trinity can not be responsible for your any hardware/software problems on non-school equipment as a result of installing the above software.

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